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Things To Look For In A Band Manager


If you are a successful band, or even a startup band, it is important to hire a band manager to ensure your band reaches great heights. Here are a few things you should keep in mind, when you look in to hire a band manager.


It is important to have an experienced and a knowledgeable manager, like Jordan Kurland, with the exposure with broad view point and the bigger picture and the ideas to put together the overall game plan for an artist or the band team to follow.

Expected Salary

The expectations of a band manager are generally higher when it comes to getting their payments. They usually take a percentage of their earnings for the services they provide. It is considered to discuss certain issues before getting they start working as well as all the paperwork should be completed beforehand and take all the necessary precautions.

It is righteous decision to add the necessary points in that document which clear the ground before all the further proceedings. A quality manager always takes a percentage of shares after the completion of their certain tasks and based on the grounds mentioned in your agreements.

Assess The Success

We see millions of people who crave to become a part of an industry to prove their excellence. A newcomer may be working hard to attain the success while an experienced manager already has enduring image. It is all about taking risks and making choices. Of course, hiring an experienced/qualified business management firm, like Zeitgeist Artist Management, may be a better choice. A Manager with a good history and happy clients is a best option. This usually helps to assess the growth rate factors keeping in mind the earlier clients which are rising/known stars in the Industry.


A trusted advisor is the one who, along with the experience has some status in the Industry. It is highly recommended to understand their personal goals as well as a strategy to build a brand name in this competitive Industry. The righteous combination of purposeful engagement, passion and performance makes a perfect manager in a broader term. The status and the name of a business manager in the Industry will have them heard which makes them the best and well-known in the Industry.

Time Management

A Band manager must be aware of all the accomplishments related to the work in a desired time frame which needs to be done to put further the career of an artist in an effective way. To find out more about how crucial it is for your manager to establish expectations at work, visit this website:

Keep an Eye on Your Success Graph

The manager should be able to monitor your growth so that you know where to stop and what to do every time. Monitor followers and likes on those social networking websites. In fact, if possible, the manager should be able to interact with them; these websites are a great platform if you use them in the right manner.


A manager must have the know-how with the effective screening and act as a buffer between the artist and the fan following as well as the people who are looking forward to work with the artist and make possible arrangements, meeting and keep the artists/media informed with the promising approach.

If the person meets these attributes, you should have no doubts about hiring him/her!

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