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How To Find The Best Of Automotive Backup Cameras


Backing up any vehicle is hazardous to pedestrians and pets. In fact, thousands of children each year are killed as a result of poor rear vision. With camera technology improving every day, both cars and trucks can use integrated systems to see the rear area clearly. Some of the most common camera systems are affordable and easy to install, making your home and neighborhood a safer place.

Emblem Cameras

Whether you want a streamlined look or a theft-resistant solution, emblem cameras allow you to replace your manufacturer’s emblem with the same logo, but with an integrated camera. The wiring needs to be snaked from the rear emblem to the front dashboard as it connects to a display panel. People passing by would not notice the camera unless they inspected the vehicle closely. To find out more about how to make sure other motorists can see you, visit this website:

Tailgate Models

Pickup trucks are notorious for having large blind spots. Accent your tailgate with a camera embedded in a protective bezel. Position the camera in a tailgate area that does not impede your use of the back area. You only need to drill a small hole to pull the wiring through into the dashboard.

Trunk-Drilled Selections

Passenger cars have several perfect locations for camera integration. Drill a hole in the trunk close to the license plate or near the plate lighting. Because the hole is relatively small, you do not need to worry about marring the car’s rear appearance. The camera is so small that it blends into the vehicle, especially if it is a black color.

Your Display

Traditionally, camera images displayed on a separate screen mounted to your dashboard. Although this technology is still available, many consumers find the separate screen as a theft-attractant. Alternatively, select a rearview mirror that integrates the display into the mirror’s surface. When you activate the camera system, the rearview image immediately illuminates on the mirror. It only covers part of the mirror, allowing you to see both the camera image and real-life reflection. Backing up is safer as a result of this technology.

Dashboard Connections

The camera system typically has a wiring harness that connects directly into your dashboard, allowing the display to connect at the hub position as well. Most systems offer simple plug-n-play technology to make the process as simple as possible.

Learn more about automotive backup cameras by browsing different models. Each car and owner is unique. There is a system designed just for you to keep everyone safe each day.

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