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Common Engine Issues


If your vehicle is not properly maintained, it can end up having some major problems in a hurry. There are several common engine issues that you must be aware of so you’ll know what to do in the event that your car has a problem. The average vehicle is now 10.6 years old, demonstrating that proper maintenance is important to keep your vehicle running properly. If you want to avoid having your check engine light turn on, it is important to perform some basic maintenance, including changing the oil regularly, inspecting the belts, and changing the spark plugs. Here are some common engine issues you need to be aware of:

Oxygen Sensor Problems

A faulty oxygen sensor can be a major problem for a vehicle. The oxygen sensor will measure the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust. The oxygen sensor can cause the check engine light to turn on by sending incorrect information to the car, causing it to burn through gas quickly. This is a basic repair that costs about $200 or so to fix.

Catalytic Converter Problems

It is also common to have problems with the catalytic convertor in a vehicle. As a vehicle ages, the catalytic convertor can have a harder time functioning properly. The catalytic convertor converts the harmful gases emitted by the vehicle. Keeping the car on a regular maintenance program will help the catalytic convertor work properly. Changing the spark plugs can help with malfunctioning problems, but when a catalytic convertor fails, it usually doesn’t offer a lot of warning to car owners. The catalytic converter will cost around $2,000 or more to repair.

Broken Fan Belt

One thing that you need to watch is the fan belt. All the belts on a car will start to wear out over time, and they must be replaced before they break loose. A broken fan belt can cause some major engine damage if you do not repair it quickly. A broken fan belt can cause the engine to overheat, leaving you stranded somewhere without a working car. Replacing the fan belt can cost just $10 or so, but the overall process can take some time if you don’t know how to change it.

Old Spark Plugs

When you have spark plugs that are misfiring, they cause problems with the way the engine runs. The spark plugs only cost about $10 or so to purchase.

Missing Gas Cap

If a gas cap is missing, you need to replace it quickly before it allows gas to leak out of the vehicle. A missing gas cap will cause the check engine light to turn on. If your gas cap isn’t tightening properly, it can also cause the light to turn on.

Mass Air Flow Sensor Malfunctioning

Air is needed in the engine in order for it to run properly. If the air sensor is not working correctly, the engine will have problems figuring out how much fuel to send to the engine. This will cause the engine to have problems with power, causing it to stop or surge irregularly during acceleration. The air flow sensor can cost $400 or more to repair.

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