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Traditional Learning Vs Online Learning: A Comparison


The educational sector is prone to various changes in the course of time. Umpteen numbers of revolutionary changes are happening in this arena in a regular manner, and one such change is the evolution of online tutoring services. The advent of internet played a crucial role in increasing the popularity and efficiency of this kind of learning. In the earlier days, the concept of education and learning was entirely different, and in those times, we saw students and teachers interact each other in a class room. But now, drastic changes have taken place, and its possible to study any course you wish with the help of online educational courses. These courses are highly effective in all aspects, and they are garnering highly positive reviews from all users. But there are some critics who are still unaware of the benefits of online learning. These people are criticizing online learning from top to bottom, and they prefer traditional classroom learning more than virtual ones. In this article, we will closely analyze the advantages of both traditional and online learning, and will find out the better one in the most unbiased manner.

Location: This is the first and foremost factor which distinguishes online learning and traditional learning. In traditional learning, you should reach the school or college on time, and should stay back till the evening to study various subjects. This will compel you to carry your lunch and you should spend some money for transportation purpose as well. But in the case of online learning, things are entirely different, and you can learn anything from the comfort of your home. There is no need of going out, and all you need is an internet connection and a computer. You can wear anything you wish (and if you wish not to wear anything, then also it’s not a problem) and there is absolutely no need of wearing uniforms.

Time: Almost all colleges and schools run in fixed time. You should reach schools on time, and if you are late, then you should stand outside, and some institutes are even charging some penalties for late comers. For online learning, there is nothing to worry, and you can start learning at any time. You can log in to your learning portal at any time as the tutors are available in a 24/7 basis. It allows you to work in the day time, and you can study in your free time as per your comfort.

Effectiveness: A traditional classroom follows a teacher centric method of learning where she is in control of the navigation of lessons. But online learning embraces a student centric approach, and here you will get the chance to navigate the lessons. Once you complete the lesson, you can move onto another topic, and this can be done at your discretions.

All the above mentioned factors play a crucial role behind the popularity of online tutoring services. Anyway, we can conclude that the future of education is in the hands of online learning.

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