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https://www.thirsk.org.uk/igbpietn5i We have seen the Galaxy S4 Active in fancy Samsung promotions in recent months. The phones, which come as variants of the S4, start the market one step ahead with their different features. Korea’s ET News site came from the news from the center of Samsung.Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a new generation of ruggedized technology is intended to produce a different generation. In addition, the Galaxy S4 Active will come with the name of the robust version of the S5 Active news is given.After Samsung’s flagship S4 in 2013, a rugged and waterproof Galaxy Note 3 with all the features of the Note 3 and S5 Active will certainly be nominated to be the flagship of 2014.

https://root-innovation.com/opinion/g7b89r8p After Sony’s Xperia Z1 phone, Samsung’s efforts to make high-tech devices waterproof does not go unnoticed. It is also of interest to the user. Samsung’s phones, especially S3’un easily breakable news with the arrival of Sasmung new phones in the first attention to these issues emphasizes.Both the slim and the durable phones are not easy, but it is a must-see for a company like Samsung that has achieved success in both display technology and the phone market.

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