In recent years

Tramadol Buy Online Cheap Uk In recent years, the news of the future of smartphones with flexible screens has become widespread. LG and Samsung were the first companies in this technology. We already knew that these two companies will soon release a smartphone with a curved screen. The first breakthrough in this field came from Samsung.Recently, after rumors and leakage news, Samsung announced its first smartphone with a highly anticipated curved screen. Previously announced the future of the device with the name of the Galaxy Round as we expected the same name appeared. When we look at the pictures, the Galaxy Round, like the Galaxy Note 3, features a faux leather back design, a 5.7 inch screen size and 3GB Ram. Unlike the Galaxy note 3, there was a lack of S-Pen, a smaller battery of 400 mAh, and a lower speaker instead of the back. Apart from these, we can say that almost a Note 3 appeared. According to the information so far, the device will host Android 4.3 and TouchWiz features as well as most of the software features available on the Galaxy S4 and Note 3. An interesting addition to these features is the Roll Effect. With this feature, you can see the clock, battery, missed calls and text messages on the screen.

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